Shorty Roping Dummy | Smarty | NRS

Shorty Roping Dummy

by Smarty
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    •  "Shorty" 
    • Roping Dummy
    • All-New Ground Dummy from Smarty
    • Durable Low-Density Polyethylene
    • Horn Base is Close to Average Steer 
    • Spring Loaded Legs
    • Realistic
    • 28" Tall, 22" Wide, 51" Long
    • AB-STY

    Shorty is the all-new ground dummy. While we don't have to tell you how fun, realistic or durable the Shorty is, we are going to anyway!First-off we need to warn you that you may have to extend bedtime a couple of hours for the kids and the husband. With Shorty the fun never stops. Unless it's too dark. That's a fun killer. So make sure you have lights in place for when the sun goes down.Shorty is constructed of durable low density polyethylene. Therefore, it will handle tons of abuse in hot and cold weather.The horn base is close to the average steer for a realistic feeling head loop. The spring loaded legs pull back and together as you dally for that pullback feel. We took our time on the design of the Shorty. It was important that the dummy was durable, realistic and fun. Fun was the easy part. Making it realistic presented some challenges because of its size. In the end we believe you use the same mechanics on Shorty as you would on Smarty or live cattle. The polyethylene that Shorty is made of makes it very tough so that you can rope it with no breakdowns.