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Western Saddle Stirrups & Stirrup Leathers

Explore our enormous selection of stirrups and stirrup leathers for sale online at NRS. From slanted stirrups to metal stirrups, we have the greatest variety of top-quality Western stirrups anywhere. Order your own saddle stirrups from National Roper's Supply today and discover why ropers across the country choose NRS.

Discover Western Stirrups for Every Type of Rider

At NRS, we are proud to offer the best selection of saddle stirrups and stirrup leathers on the market. We carry a wide variety of stirrups for sale for all types of saddles. Whether you’re looking for roper stirrups, barrel racing stirrups, or trail riding stirrups, we’ve got you covered.

With Western stirrups from top brands like Martin Saddlery, Partrade, and Weaver Leather, you’ll be sure to find what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stirrups

We know you have questions about Western saddle stirrups. That's why we've compiled a few of the most common questions we receive from customers and answered them below. If you are not finding what you're looking for or need more information, check out our learning center or reach out to our team today.

What Are Stirrups?

A stirrup is a frame or ring attached to a saddle that holds the foot of a rider. The rider’s foot lays against the flat part of the stirrup while riding, which gives the rider balance, stability, and control. Stirrups are attached to the saddle with stirrup leathers that can be adjusted to accommodate the length of the rider’s leg.

Can You Explain How to Put Stirrups on a Western Saddle?

Western saddles use wider Western stirrup leathers, called fenders. The bottom part of a fender goes over the top of your Western stirrup, and the top of the fender attaches to the bar under the seat jockey. If the fenders are not already attached, put the fenders on the saddle. To do this, push the fender over the stirrup bar and pull the fender through by reaching under the saddle. Push the fender toward the outside of the saddle and pull the leather tight with the wide stirrup flaps.

The next step is to attach the stirrups to the fenders. First, loop the leather through the top of your stirrup, which is the narrower part with a bar. Make sure the side with the metal posts faces your saddle, then push the bars through the desired holes. Securing the metal posts in place by sliding the Blevins down.

Do You Have Any Tips on How to Adjust Western Stirrups?

It is pretty simple to adjust Western stirrups that use Blevin buckles. Just follow the steps below.
  1. Hold your stirrup with one hand, and pull the metal slide away from the stirrup, toward the saddle. This allows you to access the stirrup leather hole posts.
  2. Pull the posts out and adjust them as needed.
  3. Pull the slide back over the posts to lock them in place.
  4. Repeat the same steps on your other stirrup, and make sure you adjust the stirrup the same amount so your stirrups aren't uneven.

Trade in Your Old Western Saddle

If you are looking to try out a new Western saddle, NRS makes it easy to trade in your old saddle. Just follow our 3 simple steps outlined in the video and receive a new saddle in no time.

Learn More About NRS Western Stirrups

Regardless of the type of saddle you have, NRS has a huge selection of stirrups for you. Whether you’re looking for metal stirrups or wood stirrups, we’ve got you covered. When it comes to choosing Western stirrups and learning how to use them, NRS has the resources you need. Besides stirrups, we also offer a variety of high-quality products like horse reins and English tack. Check out the articles below and explore all the products NRS offers today!

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