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New Year. Same Passions

Continue your passion by starting the new year with new gear

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Winter Gear Up

Start off the new year with some of your favorite brands. Get the freshest ropes, new saddle pads, and best protective gear here at NRS.

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High Steppin’ into 2021

Step into 2021 with a new pair of boots or casuals that fit your unique style. No matter your style of western, NRS has you covered with all the best brands.

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From Light to Moderate

No matter if you’re checking cows, checking waters, or just checking in with the family, NRS has you covered for all your winter outings with all of your favorite brands of outerwear.

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Providing Quality Western Wear & Horse Tack Since 1989

Here at NRS we are proud to be the #1 Western store in the USA. Like many of our customers, we are working ranchers who depend on quality Western tack to get the job done every day. That is why we make sure every product we sell stands up to rigorous NRS standards. From functional and fashionable Western wear and horse tack to essential livestock and horse supplies, we carry the products you need at prices you can afford. We are not just a tack shop—we are a one-stop shop for all things Western.

NRS Pro Series - Heading with Chad Masters

Chad Masters talks us through several common problems headers experience: finding your target, splitting the horns, and letting your horse run to the steer, and well as a couple things he works on, and how you can work on these things while roping your Bones 2.0.

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NRS Lifestyle

The NRS Life

At NRS, we are passionate about All Things Western. We know that our customers enjoy the same passions and experiences and we believe those experiences should be shared! We invite you to share your NRS Life with us as we celebrate the incredible blessings of living this lifestyle.

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