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Ride Ready

 THE BOOT TEAM at NRS teamed up with Rios of Mercedes, Olathe and Anderson Bean to design a line of boots that a serious rider demands. Ride Ready boots are created to do just that. Our F1 hybrid sole offers added durability. Ride Ready boot heels are made of durable, repairable leather. Every heel is hand nailed and finished with a heel cap. For added support and stability in the stirrup, we've added a neoprene midsole. The spur rests on Ride Ready boots have a plastic rand to protect the leather heel and maintain an all important spur position. We hand-pick all of the unique top and foot leathers for our Ride Ready boots. Our purpose? Enhancing comfort, durability and performance for the rider while looking darn good. Finally, Ride Ready boots come in a great selection of toes and heels that perfectly fit your needs as a competitor. Rope, cut, rein or run barrels, Ride Ready boots are designed for the countless hours of practice and the highest levels of competition.

NRS Ride Ready HD boots are made with a neoprene midsole that feels like a traditional leather outsole but with more stability in the stirrup, plus it is water resistant. The Fineline outsole is very durable, oil resistant and a bit stiffer and heavier than leather. Boots with the Fineline outsole can be made with or without a midsole. The Bearkat outsole is comprised of the same compound as the Fineline with the addition of a series of traction bars on the ball of the foot. These boots can also be made with or without a midsole. The brown Bearkat sole is infused with small cork pellets for added flexibility.