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Turnout & Winter Horse Blankets

Turnout & Winter Horse Blankets

Explore our selection of winter horse blankets for sale online at NRS, the #1 trusted source for all things equestrian. We have the best quality turnout blankets available including foal blankets and light to medium weight horse blankets. Order your next horse blanket from National Roper's Supply today.

When deciding on the right blanket there are a few general questions that need to be answered to make sure that you get the best fit and type so the blanket functions well for your horse.

To determine this, the easiest way is to have a cloth measuring tape or piece of string and a partner to hold one end for you. Starting in the middle of you horse’s neck, where their neck ties into the chest, hold the tape there while your partner holds the other end across the point of the shoulder along the barrel of the horse to the edge of the horse’s tail. Once you have the complete measurement, you havey our horse’s size. Most blankets are measured in 2” or 3” increments, if your horse’s size is in between the sizes, go to the larger one to make sure the fit will not be too tight.

There are two basic types of blankets; turnout and stable; depending on the environment that your horse lives in, one may be a better ‘fit’ than the other. The difference between them is whether they are waterproof or not. A turnout blanket is treated on the outer shell to be water proof and will keep your horse snug and dry in rainy or snowy conditions. The stable is, as its name implies, mainly for the stabled horse, so it is not water proof and will not prevent water in its various forms from soaking in and getting to your horse.

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