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Resistol Cowboy Hats

Shop the finest selection of Resistol hats at NRS. Celebrated across the Western apparel industry for their timeless styles and long-lasting material quality, Resistol cowboy hats are truly in a class of their own. So whether you’re shopping for Resistol straw hats or felt hats to pair with your cowboy boots and Western shirts, be sure to explore all the popular Resistol hat styles we have available for online ordering right here at NRS.

Purchase Resistol Straw Cowboy Hats & Felt Hats

Why are Resistol Straw & Felt Hats Renowned Across the Western Industry?

Since 1927, Resistol straw hats and felt hats have been a staple in the Western apparel industry. Meticulously designed for ranchers, rodeo-goers, and Saturday night socializers alike, Resistol cowboy hats are universally celebrated for their array of timeless styles, remarkable longevity, and value-driven price points. And though you can expect to see Western legends like George Strait and Cody Johnson sporting different Resistol cowboy hats, it’s important to note that all of the Resistol hat styles you see featured in our NRS collection above are just as suited for the everyday cowboy as they are for country music mega-stars. Explore our entire collection of Resistol hats today to learn why the Resistol brand has earned the respect and reverence it’s received.

Frequently Asked Questions About Resistol Cowboy Hats

Who Owns Resistol Hats?

The Resistol brand is owned by Hatco, Inc., though all aspects of production continue to be operated and controlled by Resistol to maintain the highest cowboy hat quality standards.

Where Are Resistol Hats Made?

The raw body parts of Resistol hats are made in Longview, Texas, while the finishing designs are completed in Garland, Texas. It’s important to mention that every Resistol Western hat that ends up in stores is given personalized attention throughout the manufacturing and production process.

How to Take Creases Out of Resistol Straw Hats?

The most effective way to remove creases from a Resistol straw hat is with steam. If you don’t own a steamer, you can carefully hold the crease you’re looking to remove over the steam from a teapot or pan of boiling water. Make sure your hand is not coming into contact with the steam, but by applying the stream to the part of the hat you’re looking to remove the crease from, you will loosen up the straw fibers, which will allow you to reshape your Resistol straw cowboy hats back to their original shape. Contact us to learn about our free hat creasing and cleaning service.

Showcasing the Resistol 20X Black Gold Open Crown Felt Cowboy Hat

Check out our quick product spotlight of the widely popular Resistol 20X Black Gold Open Crown Felt Cowboy Hat. Our NRS experts will showcase the superior material quality and unique features of this premium hat that’s available for online purchase from our Resistol Brand cowboy hat collection above.