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Purchase barrel racing accessories from NRS world today! We have a large selection of equipment available from barrel racing boots and whips to horse boots for barrel racing. Order barrel racing boots and other equipment today at NRS World your trusted source for all things Western.

The American Rodeo - 2021

February 25, 2021

The end of February and into the first week of March is one of the biggest times of the year for amateur and professional rodeo contestants, jackpotters, and youth rodeo competitors. As rodeo athletes and their equine partners descend on...

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A Closer Look at the Best Splint Boots for Horses

November 10, 2020

Whether you're at the rodeo or on the ranch, your horse deserves the best. Splint boots for horses are something you certainly want to have on hand. What are splint boots used for? And how do they compare to medicine...

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