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Cowboy Boot Spurs & Western Spur Straps

Shop our large selection of spurs and spur straps for the Western rider. Here at NRS we use the spurs we sell every day, so we can guarantee their quality and durability. Plus, we carry all of the top Western spur brands like Professional's Choice, Partrade and Tough 1. Place an order for cowboy spurs and spur parts online now from National Roper's Supply.

Western Boot Spurs
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Discover the Best Spur Straps & Boot Spurs at NRS

Make sure you have the right boot spurs to help you ride comfortably and confidently with NRS. Regardless of your experience level or riding style, we’ve got a large selection of western spurs and spur straps for everyone. With many different styles and variations, choosing the right boot spur can be confusing. In addition to carrying high-quality cowboy boot spurs, we also offer spur parts and accessories to keep your boots fashionable and functional. NRS has all the spurs and spur straps to make sure you have successful training and riding sessions. Check out our tips and expert insight below to learn more about which spurs are right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spur Straps & Boot Spurs

What are Boot Spurs For?

Cowboy spurs are metal instruments that go around the heels of cowboy boots. They are used to communicate commands to horses and to stimulate them to move forward. Spurs for boots can also urge horses to turn, move to the side, and settle down.

Which Way do Spur Straps Go?

When putting on spurs for boots, you want to make sure your spur straps are facing the right direction. The buckle of the spur straps should be facing out and the flat side of the strap should be up against the inside of your foot and over the top to where it meets the buckle. If this is how you have them, you’re ready to ride!

How to Put Spur Straps On Spurs

Putting spurs straps on spurs can be a little tricky. Follow the steps below and learn how to attach spur steps in no time.
  1. Make sure your spurs are facing the right direction. The necks of the spurs should be facing downward.
  2. Identify your left and right spurs. If your spurs have a longer and shorter branch, then the longer branch goes on the outside of the boot.
  3. Thread your spur strap through the top of the outer branch and continue threading through the bottom hole.
  4. Thread the end of the strap through the inside branch leaving enough room for your heel. Finish threading the strap through the top of the inside branch.
  5. Put on your cowboy boot spurs and adjust to your liking.

Learn More About Spurs for Boots from the Experts at NRS

Whether you’re an experienced rider or just a beginner, NRS has the boot spurs and spur straps you need to start riding. When it comes to choosing spurs, how to put on spur straps, and why people wear them, NRS will help you every step of the way. Check out more helpful resources below and contact us with questions!

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