Moore Maker Inc. Barlow Knife 3204B

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Style #: 3204B

  • Length:  approximately 3.5in closed
  • Blade(s) type: Pen and Clip
  • Style:  Barlow
  • Handle and Color:  Blue Delrin
  • Other:  perfect for engraving
  • Made in the USA
  • Model:  3204B

 Moore Maker Inc. , a division of Moore Merchantile, was established in 1985 by Wayland Moore, and Glynard Moore, in Matador, Texas.  Matador is a small town at the bottom of the Texas panhandle, 65 miles northeast of Lubbock, and 300 miles west of Dallas.  Agriculture makes up the bulk of the local economy, with cattle ranching and cotton farming being among the top occupations.  

The knives and tools that Moore Maker produces are tested extensively on some of the world’s greatest ranches before they are ever sold to the public. The King ranch, the 6666 ranch, the Waggoner ranch, and the Pitchfork ranch are among those that use and test the knives and tools from Moore Maker.

Moore Maker Inc. has built knives for President George W. Bush, Gov. Rick Perry, Charlie Daniels, and George Strait. Moore Maker is active in the local community, and regularly donates both time and money to livestock shows, and local schools. The Moore family still owns and operates More Maker Inc. on a daily basis, and still finds the time to ranch and farm around Matador. 

Model:  3204B