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Men`s Rios Cafe Carpincho 13` Green Luster Top Square Toe Boot

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Style #: R9029

  • Men's 
  • Rios Of Mercedes 
  • Cafe Carpincho 
  • 13" Green Velvet Luster Kidskin Top 
  • Tan Hybrid Outsole 
  • Double Welt Stitch 
  • Milan Toe 
  • Heel 1 1/8" L 
  • R9029

Their story is one of fine craftsmanship, quality leathers and heritage – something that must be earned. With more than 160 years of bootmaking experience, we believe and insist on doing things the right way. Something very special happens when you hold a boot that was made by one of our craftsmen who has 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years of experience. You can feel the difference with Rios of Mercedes.