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Lami-Cell Protective Boots

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Style #: 515V010

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  • Lami-Cell
  • Ventex 22
  • Protective Boots
  • Colors: Black, Turquoise, White, Purple, & Red
  • Front or Hind
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Suspensory strap with hook and loop closure
  • 515V010

 Lami-Cell Protective boots for the front or hind legs available in black, turquoise, white, purple and red. The Ventex 22 boot is designed with 360 degrees of optimum support and protection. It features a patent pending Coolite quick-dry neoprene. The Ventex 22 is specifically designed to help prevent injuries while absorbing shock from hoof impact and also helps prevent hyper-extension of the fetlock.