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Bluebonnet Feeds, Horse Pellets & More

Your animals deserve the best food to keep them healthy and satisfied, and Bluebonnet Feeds from NRS fit the bill. Whether you have horses in the barn or chickens, rabbits and goats in the pen, Bluebonnet feed is here to provide the nutrition and taste your animals need.

NRS is your trusted source for all things Western, and good feed is no exception. Our Bluebonnet horse feed selection includes highly-respected products like Equilene Pro Care, the Intensify line, and other varieties to choose from, like Horseman's Elite Ultra-Fat and Alfalfa Nibblets.

As you're shopping for bluebonnet equine feed, don't forget about the other animals in your care. We have Bluebonnet rabbit feed, sheep/goat pellets and Bluebonnet chicken feed. Pick up all the Bluebonnet Feeds you need today from NRS.

bluebonnet feeds

Bluebonnet Horse Feed for Vibrant Living

If your horses could talk, they'd ask for Bluebonnet Feeds. That's because Bluebonnet equine feed is packed with all the nutrition your animals need to maximize their health and reduce the risk of disease and discomfort. Horses are sensitive, and their digestive system requires a special diet like Bluebonnet horse feed. To keep horses in peak condition, Bluebonnet feed provides finely tuned levels of specific organic vitamins, minerals, natural digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics.

Bluebonnet Feeds, Trusted by Horsemen for Over Three Decades

Thanks to the reach of the internet, the brand once known only to Texans and Oklahomans has become the horse feed of choice across the nation. From the beginning, Bluebonnet stood by its motto: "Quality is the Best Value." Today, horse owners recognize and trust Bluebonnet Feeds because they know that Bluebonnet's standard policy includes open labels, locked formulas and an ionophore-FREE facility.

The Bluebonnet equine feed team of nutritionists, consultants and customer care personnel is committed to providing your horses with the best possible feed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bluebonnet Feeds

Animal owners are understandably concerned about what they feed their horses, rabbits and other livestock. At NRS, we sometimes get questions about Bluebonnet Feeds' products, and we're happy to share our answers here.

Do You Have a Bluebonnet Feed That Can Be Given to Different Animals?

Yes – for example, we a Bluebonnet Versatile 14% Pellet that you can feed to horses, cattle, sheep, goats and other hoofed stock like alpaca and llamas.

Are There Life Stage Feed Products for Horses?

Whether your horse is young or old, we have Bluebonnet Feeds to meet their needs. At NRS, we also carry a special formula that supports pregnant mares.

Do You Have an Auto-Ship Service for Bluebonnet Feeds?

Yes, to be sure you don't run out of Bluebonnet Feeds, we suggest you subscribe to our Auto-Ship Service. You can request weekly and/or monthly shipments of your Bluebonnet Equine Feed and any other products you regularly order from NRS.

Shop NRS for the Bluebonnet Feeds Your Animals Crave

Getting your animals the maximum nutrition is the goal of every caring animal owner. With Bluebonnet Feeds from NRS, you can be assured that your horses and other animals are getting everything they need from the food you provide. If you're currently feeding Bluebonnet equine feed to your horses, you already know how great it is. If you haven't yet discovered the difference that Bluebonnet Feeds can make, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Get your Bluebonnet Feeds from NRS today!

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