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In the Spotlight: NRS Ride Ready Ambassador Rhett Baker

In the Spotlight: NRS Ride Ready Ambassador Rhett Baker

Baseball and horsemanship have a lot of similar qualities regarding discipline and work ethic. Preparedness, concentration, confidence, focus and patience are crucial to playing baseball and raising colts to be stellar athletes. NRS Ride Ready Ambassador Rhett Baker dreamed of catching for the Chicago Cubs when he was growing up. He had a passion for playing baseball, driving motorcycles and hunting, but something about the Western way of living caught him at an early age.

Pushing Steers for a Start

Baker started working for a roping producer in south Jordan, pushing steers up an alleyway and admiring the roping lifestyle. He caught the horse bug, and his life made a 180, focusing on horses from then on.

Jackpot after jackpot, Baker would study the way veterans roped and learned by watching a Walt Woodard DVD. He would collect the thrown-away ropes at the jackpots he worked and used them to practice on saw horses and anything else he saw. After a few months of practice and a catch out of the box, Baker was hooked on the lifestyle. "I guess God knew I needed to ride horses," he said.

Horsemanship First

The beginning was straightforward for Baker. "It started with horsemanship for me," he said. Baker now raises colts in Granbury, Texas, specializing in starting 2-year-olds. He competes in reined cow horse and roping competitions and has gone on to be a top-five finisher in Level 1 at the Snaffle Bit Futurity.

Baker independently trains 15 colts a day. "I think the most important time of that horse's life is the first six months," he said, adding that the close connection with his horses pays off. "I want to show the ones I started because they're confident, they're willing and they know what their job is."

Rhett Baker and Family

Boots That Withstand Daily Wear and Tear

Baker works with each of his horses for 15 to 30 minutes, beginning with ground manners and working with them through reigning, cutting and roping. Baker's process offers a wide range of diversity through the age of the colts and the training he practices. Through the long hours, many horses and the guaranteed wear and tear on his cowboy boots, Baker relies on Ride Ready to outlast and withstand all the challenges throughout his day.

Durable Boots for the Long Haul

Everything about Ride Ready Boots fits Baker's needs. "The heel that I wear, the sole I wear and the tops … they fit my foot and the stirrup really well," he said. "My ankles don't hurt near as much as they used to."

The high tops give Baker's legs a bit more protection, and the boots' durability can't be beat. "The hide they put on the top of the boot is very durable for the wash rack," Baker said, noting the boots hold up even though they have to dry repeatedly.

"Get dirt on them and back to the wash rack 12 times a day — that's pretty tough on boots over a long period of time," he said.

A Boot for Every Reason

Ride Ready Boots suit Baker's lifestyle. "They last really well for me," he said. "I have a pair that I just wear to church, and if I'm not coaching baseball, running or hunting, I am wearing Ride Ready Boots."

Get the Ride Ready Boots You Need & More at NRS

Our exclusive line of Ride Ready Boots is up for whatever your Western lifestyle holds for you. NRS also offers essentials like spurs and calf ropes. Start shopping now and take advantage of our products' durability and reliability.

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