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Cool Cowboy Belt Buckles & Belts for Kids

Cool Cowboy Belt Buckles & Belts for Kids

From casual trail riding to beginners team roping, kids can enjoy a variety of activities on the ranch and at the rodeo. As a child, half the fun comes with looking like a true cowboy or cowgirl. That's why wearing cool cowboy belt buckles and belts makes these experiences even better for kids. What should you look for in high-quality youth Western belts and buckles? And what are some of the top styles on the market? Continue reading as we take a closer look at youth Western belt buckles and belts kids will love wearing.*

Toddler Belt Buckles & Belts

There's nothing cuter than a child decked out in Western attire, and a toddler cowboy belt buckle is sure to be the icing on the cake. The best Western belts for toddlers are made with quality material to ensure a secure fit. The right buckle won't be too heavy for your little buckaroo, either. Check out one of our favorite toddler leather belts below.

NRS Top Pick: Youth Texas Saddlery Tan Spider Combo Belt

Hand cut with a natural roughout center, this Western belt for toddlers is beautifully designed without being over the top. At 1.25 inches thick, it's made with lighter leather to ensure comfort, so your little one can move freely without feeling weighed down. Whether it's worn in the saddle or during playtime, this toddler leather belt is the perfect accessory for your child.

Cool Cowboy Belt Buckles & Belts for Kids

Western Belts for Boys

Your number one pal deserves the very best, and that includes the right Western gear. Cool belts for boys can make fun times in the great outdoors even better. The best Western belts for boys give your junior partner-in-crime the chance to show off his individuality. As you shop for your buddy, look for unique designs and premium quality. To help while you search, we've listed one of our favorite boys' brown leather belts below.

NRS Top Pick: Boys M&F Basket Weave, Brindle and Bling Belt

Made in a basket weave style, this boys' brown leather belt has a floral engraved buckle and silver studs. It also features cowhide or brindle on the back side. With an emphasis on attention-to-detail, the cowhide hair has rectangle silver conchos with large rhinestones. As one of our most popular boys' leather belts, it's a great option for little cowboys wanting to show off their Western pride.

Girls' Leather Belts

Every future rodeo queen needs the right Western wear to complete her outfit. Whether she's riding her horse or simply taking a stroll on the ranch, she'll look and feel great in a leather belt made with the littlest cowgirls in mind. The perfect girls' leather belts are full of style and designed with top-quality materials. Wondering what to look for when you shop leather belts and cool cowboy belt buckles for girls? Our advice is to have fun with it. From intricate shapes to lively colors, girls' leather belts give your little one the chance to express herself while she takes on whatever the great outdoors has in store. Check out one of our best sellers below.

Get the Best Cowboy Belt Buckles & Cool Belts for Kids at NRS

From Texas longhorn belt buckles to cool belts for kids, NRS has a large selection of accessories to top off your child's Western wear. We carry a large variety of colors and sizes from the leading brands on the market, so you can be sure to find the perfect youth Western belt buckles for your young cowboy or cowgirl. Shop our incredible selection of girls and boys Western belts today!

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