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Summer Solutions for the Horse Owner

Summer Solutions for the Horse Owner

Every horse owner knows it's important to practice proper equestrian care all year long. When the summer months hit, it's crucial to understand how to take care of a horse in the heat. Our experts have come up with helpful NRS solutions to keep your horse happy and healthy all season long.

1. Electrolytes

Summer is a great time to go riding, but the heat can have dangerous consequences for your horse. Dehydration, lethargy, diarrhea and colic are all possible side effects induced by high temperatures. Your horse's athleticism can suffer as well.

To combat the health dangers caused by the summer heat, implement an electrolyte into your horse's daily ration. The NRS experts recommend Farnam Apple Elite Electrolyte for replenishing vital minerals that are often depleted from hot weather. This supplement contains a complete electrolyte formula that replaces nutrients lost when your horse sweats.

NRS Solutions Tip

When you offer your horse electrolytes, make sure to provide a second source of fresh water too. Not every horse will drink electrolyte-laced water, so a source of fresh water will give them another option to stay hydrated.

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2. Insect Repellent

Every horse owner knows insects are at their worst in the summer. These critters are naturally drawn to manure and sweat in warm temperatures. The likes of flies, ticks and mosquitoes can cause physical distress and even spread diseases in your horse like West Nile, Lyme Disease and Bots.

Help your horse avoid these pesky creatures with B-Free of Flies Fly Spray. Made with all natural pyrethrins, this NRS solution kills flies, mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, fleas, lice and many other harmful insects. Our experts recommend spraying one or two ounces per head per day for adequate protection.

NRS Solutions Tip

Insect repellent is just one great way to prevent bugs from harming your horse. Along with this tactic, you can also give excess manure to gardeners and landscape companies. This will help further eliminate flies' favorite breeding grounds.

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3. Sunscreen

Humans aren't the only ones susceptible to UV rays. Horses are also prone to sunburn and can even get skin cancer. That's why it's especially important to protect your horse from the sun during the summer months.

We recommend EquiShield SB. Formulated as the best solution to prevent sunburn. This sunscreen contains not only a topical antiseptic but also aloe vera to soothe damaged skin.

NRS Solutions Tip

Before applying any topical ointment to your horse, always consult your veterinarian. This is especially important in cases of excessive sunburn as it could indicate a rare underlying liver disease.

4. Fans

Air circulation is key in battling the summer heat. A horse owner should invest in a good quality fan to keep their horse comfortable during long days in the barn. You can place it in a grill or mesh stall front, along the wall or in the corner of a stall.

When it comes to helping your horse cool off, you can't go wrong with our Showbarn Fan. With a deep cage design, it allows for less friction between the blade and cage. This makes it extremely quiet while still producing large amounts of air flow coverage throughout your barn.

NRS Solutions Tip

For your horse's ultimate safety, keep the fan out of his reach and make sure he can't get a hold of cords or plugs.

5. Clippers

A long, thick coat will typically hold the sun's heat and makes it difficult for your horse to cool down. Clipping your horse's hair is especially important during these warmer months.

For a great cut every horse owner can rely on, we recommend the Wahl Arco 5 in 1 Equine Cordless Clipper Kit. With unsurpassed cutting performance, this device works quickly and effectively to clip through most coat types. It's also extremely quiet and exceptionally lightweight. These clippers are ideal for the bridle path, ears, muzzle and fetlocks.

NRS Solutions Tip

While excess hair can make your horse feel hot and uncomfortable, hair provides some protection from the sun's damaging rays. Due to this, be careful not to clip your horse's hair too close. When in doubt, consult a professional.

Find the Best Horse Owner Gear for the Summer at NRS

At NRS, we strive to bring each horse owner top-quality products all year long. When summer time arrives, make sure you stock up on our premium horse feed & animal health products to ensure your horse's happiness and well-being. Shop the rest of our selection to find the perfect NRS solutions for your horse today!

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