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Tips to Be Stock Show Ready

Tips to Be Stock Show Ready

The stock show can be a fun, exciting time. It's a chance for people to showcase their animals and all the hard work they've put into them. From early morning barn duties to training sessions and daily grooming — hundreds of hours of effort have led up to this moment.

Do you think your horse is stock show ready? Our experts have compiled a list of tips to help you prepare for the big event.

1. Pay close attention to diet.

Monitoring what your horse eats will help you ensure it's on the right growth track for its class. Pay attention to its eating habits and make sure it's getting the proper nutrients. It's important to stock up on supplements that will support your horse's appetite. Products like Sullivan Supply Natural Fill help improve show horses' feed efficiency while increasing their fiber digestion. Keep in mind, many horses get nervous in new environments like stock shows. If anxiety starts to kick in, we recommend using calming supplements to help it relax and fight off any discomfort.

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2. Remember the importance of grooming and coat care.

When it comes to stock shows, never underestimate the condition of your horse's coat and skin. While cleanliness is important, numerous washing and drying can create dryness and dandruff. The right care will give your horse's coat and skin the strength and beauty it needs for the stock show. For shiny, healthy, beautiful coats, try products like Sullivan's Final Bloom Aerosol. Made to freshen up your horse's hair, this product has a pleasant scent and is easy to spray right before entering the show ring. Best of all, it requires no wash out!

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3. Organize Your Showbox

We'll be honest— failing to organize your showbox and stock it with the right materials can hurt your chances of winning at the stock show. The last thing you want on the day of the show is to grab for something you need and not find it. Before the big day, make a checklist of all the items you want to have on hand. This will help you prepare and set you up for success. You'll want to have important items ready like paper towels, grooming gloves, halters, medical supplies and more. We also recommend using a travel-friendly showbox to avoid additional travel hassles. The Weaver Leather Treadplate Deep Hanging Showbox is a great option to consider.

Tips to Be Stock Show Ready

4. Don't forget the everyday essentials.

The items you use on a regular basis are just as important for the stock show. We recommend that you remember items for tidying up like shovels and rakes along with other essentials like hay* and shavings. While items like these may seem logical, they're commonly forgotten on the big day. Make sure you stock up and prepare so your horse is show ready.

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5. Make note of important information.

Do your research and know your schedule, class, and check-in procedures. It’s important to stay on task and on time. Review the show's premium list (or show rule book) to find important information such as who your judge will be and more. You can also find more information via the county extension office.

6. Dress for the Occasion

With all of your gear packed and the training complete, you're finally show ready! Remember, both you and your animal’s presence and attitude are taken into account by the judges. Along with being polite and respectful in and out of the ring, wearing the proper attire will help you portray professionalism. The right hats, footwear, men's clothing and women's clothing are a crucial part of making a good impression, so make sure you dress for the occasion. After you've suited up, take a deep breath, relax, and have fun!

Get Ready for the Stock Show with Help from NRS

At NRS, we're here to help you get stock show ready. You've put in all the hard work and training — let us take care of the rest. Shop our show accessories and show equipment for the perfect items to help you win big. We look forward to providing you with top-quality products and unparalleled service!

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