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Turquoise Booma Rein Keeper

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Style #: TRQ-0372

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  • Fully adjustable to fit any horse and any style of riding
  • For more aggressive riding, snap BOOMA directly to your regular reins
  • For recreational riding, attach BOOMA to your reins using the steel carabiner O-ring(included)
  • Made of durable, waterproof and flexible bungee like premium polypropylene material
  • Comes in several colors
  • TRQ-0372


With BOOMA, your reins will always come back All riders fear losingthe reins. Whether you drop them or they get yanked from you, if youlose the reins you lose control of your horse. Even worse, if youlosethe reins, they may get tangled in your horse’s legs. That’swhy wecreated BOOMA, the flexible rein keeper. BOOMA tethers yourreins to thepommel/swell on the saddle, so no matter what, they’realways withinreach. And, BOOMA can’t slip over the head of thehorse. BOOMA is madeof a flexible material, so the horse can lowerits head to eat or drinkwithout restriction. And, BOOMA isadjustable, so it will fit any horse and accommodate any rider.Madeof a durable and waterproofpolypropylene, BOOMA attaches with acarabiner O-ring (included) fortrail riding, training or everydayriding or directly to the rein forcalf roping, barrel racing andother high-intensity riding. No matterwho you are or what type ofriding you do, a BOOMA Rein keeper will makeyour ride safer, moreconvenient and more enjoyable, and you’ll alwayshave peace of mindknowing you can’t lose the reins!