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Horse Reins

Shop for high-quality horse reins at NRS. Our trusted selection of leather split reins, barrel racing reins, leather roping reins, and braided horse reins will help you precisely direct and control your horse's actions and movements. And as lifelong Western enthusiasts who regularly use these same reins, you can be sure that your reins are ready to hold firm and stand the test of time under rugged conditions. Explore all of our horse reins for sale below, and attach your new reins to our durable horse bits and nosebands.

Horse Reins

Horse Reins for Every Rider

Having the right horse reins can make all the difference. That's why NRS is proud to be the #1 seller of reins and roping supplies in the USA. At NRS, you'll find a wide range of horse reins and all the equipment you need for riding.

When it comes to choosing horse reins, you must consider how you intend to use them, as different types of reins are used for different situations. We offer reins in various styles including:

  • Roping reins
  • Barrel reins
  • Leather split reins
  • Braided horse reins

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Reins

If you have questions about horse reins, we can answer them. We have compiled a few common questions we hear and answered them for you below.

How Long Are Horse Reins?

There is no single answer to this question. Horse reins come in various lengths to accommodate different types of riding. Most sets of reins measure between 7 and 10 feet on average.

What Are Split Reins for Horses Used For?

Split reins for horses have two straps that are attached to either side of the horse headstalls or Western bits and cross each other in the middle, so the tails of the straps hang down over each of the horse's shoulders. Using split reins is ideal for one-hand riding or for leading your horse. They are perfect for any rider trying to break a young, inexperienced horse because you can adjust the reins to any length, giving you more control.

How Should You Hold Horse Reins?

The proper way to hold horse reins depends on what type of riding you are doing. In general, hold the horse's reins in your left hand as you mount your horse. After you're seated in the saddle, take one side of the reins in each hand. For a more secure hold, wrap the rein around your first three fingers, but don't loop it around your thumb or pinky finger. Close your hands in a loose fist and provide enough tension to control the horse.

Lessons in Controlling Your Horse With Ben Baldus

Learn how to use your horse reins and body to soften, steer and stop your horse. In this video, professional horse trainer and clinician Ben Baldus will share tips and tricks to help you understand how to get your horse to do what you want. Watch now to learn more.

Let NRS Help You Find the Horse Reins and Supplies You Need

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, NRS has horse reins for sale for every cowboy and cowgirl. If you're looking for leather braided reins, roping ropes, or horse tie downs, NRS can help you find what you need. When it comes to choosing your horse reins and tips for riding, we have you covered. Browse our extensive resources listed below and learn more today!

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