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Resistol 20X Cut Bank Straw Cowboy Hat

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Style #: RSCTBK-684481

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  • 20X Cut Bank
  • Regular Oval
  • 4 1/2" Brim
  • 4 1/8" Crown Height
  • Venting
  • 2 cord black band
  • RSCTBK-684444

 Did you love the look, feel and fit of the 20X Mozaun by Resistol we have offered over the past couple of years? The 20X Cut Bank is the exact same hat just with a new name! This hat still hast the 4 dip lacquer process, heavy brim wire for srenght and durability and functional vented crown. Have no fear your favorite hat is still here with a new name! 

Resistol has become the greatest name in western hats. Resistol hats are known for their high quality and long wear, in both felt hats and straw.