Dutton 5/8in. Small Donut with Chain Cavalry 8in. Cheek Bit

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Style #: 07-CH-09

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  • Dutton Bits
  • 5/8" Small Donut Lifesaver Ring
  • Limits the reach to the outside of the bars on the horses mouth
  • ChainMouth Across The Bars that are twisted backwards allows for equalpressure and release on both sides of the bars in the horses mouth
  • A swept back shank to discourage a horse from playing with the shank.This cheek allows for great balance to the bit as well as thelengthincreases the amount of leverage to your horse's chin andpoll.
  • This Cavalry Shank Bit design has a 2.5" purchase, 5" shank and an 8" cheek
  • A couple of small copper rings are placed on the bottom half of the donut to encourage salivation in the horses mouth and reduces stress
  • Comes with a bit hobble
  • 07-CH-09


This bit is a chain with a three piece feel. The 5/8" small donut in the center allows for slight center tongue pressure and the chain is back twisted so that the chain will work with equal pressure on both bar pieces of the horses mouth. The 8" cheek has great balance and leverage.