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  • The Complete Horse Pack Trip List: What To Pack In Your Horse Saddlebag
The Complete Horse Pack Trip List: What To Pack In Your Horse Saddlebag

The Complete Horse Pack Trip List: What To Pack In Your Horse Saddlebag

Wondering what to pack in your saddlebag? Well, buckle up because we're sharing a handy horse pack trip list to ensure you have all the saddlebag essentials when you head out on the trail. From emergency preparedness essentials to convenience items for trail riding, we'll help you pack your bag for every adventure.

Types of Western Trail Riding Saddle Bags

Hauling gear and equipment on your horse requires special care. The weight of the cargo as well as proper placement and equal distribution of weight are critical considerations. The appropriate trail saddlebags help ensure a safe and comfortable ride for both you and your horse.

Our assortment of saddlebags offers a wide range of options for every situation. Here are some of the most common types of trail gear saddlebags:

  • Saddlehorn/pommel bags sit on the front of the saddle and keep gear close at hand for easy access. They are perfect for cameras, sunglasses and other often-used items.
  • Medicine saddlebags keep all your first-aid handy and organized so you aren't fumbling around in an emergency.
  • Cantle bags rest over the back of the saddle and are traditionally used for items you need when you dismount to take a break such as your saddlebag rain cover. These are the largest trail gear saddlebags, and they sit over the horse's kidneys, so make sure not to overload them.
  • Gear specific bags are specially designed to hold items such as water bottles, canteens and sunglasses.

In addition to these bags, be sure to add a fanny pack or other small bag that attaches to your own body for critical items from your horse pack trip list that you'll need if you and your horse are separated, such as car keys, cell phone, matches and a rain poncho.

What to Keep in a Saddlebag

Whether you are on a new trail or one that you've ridden countless times, there's always the possibility that something unexpected can happen. Unpredictable weather, getting lost and even dangerous accidents are all very real possibilities no matter the length of your ride. Fortunately, being smart about what you put in your trail riding saddle bags will help prevent any serious disasters and help you relax and enjoy the ride.

When deciding what to keep in a saddlebag, think of essential items that are helpful for every type of ride such as a first aid kit. These will never change, so keep them packed and ready to go all the time. For the other gear and supplies, you need to decide what to pack in your horse saddlebag based on the type of ride you have planned. For example, short rides in great weather don't require the same level of packing as overnight trips. Customize your horse pack trip list each time to cut down on bulk and excess weight.

Horse Pack Trip List Essentials

While you may not actually stow them in a bag, you should always include a rope halter and lead. This is a lightweight insurance policy in case something happens to your bridle. Plus, the lead rope may come in handy for other uses.

Other horse saddlebag essentials include:

Medicine Saddlebag Essentials For Your Horse

When creating your horse pack trip list, don't forget your four-legged partner! Hoof injuries, sprains, cuts and scrapes, stone bruises and shoe loss are all potential injuries that your horse can suffer when riding. Make sure that your medicine saddle bag contains basic items to address the most common types of injuries:

Prepare Your Horse Pack Trip List with Saddlebag Essentials from NRS

Following these guidelines for a horse pack trip list that keeps you and your horse safe and comfortable on the trail. Now that you know what to pack in your horse saddlebag, you just need to make sure that you have your supplies and gear ready to go. Pack your trail saddlebags with essentials from NRS today!

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