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Prepare Your Herd for Spring Growth with Ralgro Implants

Prepare Your Herd for Spring Growth with Ralgro Implants

Spring is right around the corner. That means it’s time to gear up for spring works. With many jobs to perform, such as tagging, vaccinating, implementing deworming programs and more, it may also be a good time to consider stimulating weight gain. Keep reading to learn more about how Ralgro cattle implants can help.

Cattle growth implants and supplements, like those from the leading brand Ralgro, are a great product for reliably stimulating weaning weights and maximizing on good pasture conditions, which, in turn, maximizes your bottom line. The following are just a few of the many benefits of using Ralgro Implants.

Ralgro Implants Add More Than Just Extra Pounds

Ralgro is a brand of zeranol implants from Merck Animal Health. Zeranol is an anabolic agent that stimulates weight gain and improves feed efficiency in pasture and feedyard cattle. This way, you are able to produce more, using less. Zeranol is not sex-specific, which makes Ralgro one of the few implants that can be used in both steers and heifers.

Cattle Growth Implants Improve Weaning Weights

Weaning weights of calves implanted (before weaning) can improve by as much as 20 to 35 pounds compared to non-implanted cattle. For example, a Ralgro trial summary concluded that the compared weaning weight gain of 2,358 suckling calves showed an average 23-pound weaning weight advantage (over a span of 163 days) with those implanted with Ralgro Implants for cattle over the non-implanted controls. That increase can make a significant impact on your bottom line.

Ralgro Cattle Implants Go to Work Fast

The zeranol released from Ralgro Implants reaches effective levels within the first day of administration through the use of an implant gun. This quick response allows cattlemen to capitalize on good pasture conditions when the nutrition levels tend to be their highest. This ability to capitalize on the pasture’s plane of nutrition makes Ralgro Implants a good fit for calves on pasture.

There Are No Negative Health Effects from Using Ralgro Implants

A common myth among consumers is that growth implants in cattle produce beef that is full of added hormones and thus detrimental to human health. However, studies suggest this is a false assumption. The chart below illustrates the hormone levels of items commonly consumed by humans.

Ralgro Implants for Cattle Equate to a Better Return on Your Investment

With Ralgro cattle growth implants working for your operation, you’re using fewer valuable resources and producing more beef from better-performing calves. Plus, you are building a lasting legacy for the next generation. Overall, implanted calves gain more weight, which gives them the advantage of being in higher demand, thus allowing you to gain more return for your investment over time.

Prep for Spring Growth with the Help of NRS

At NRS, we're proud to provide customers with high-quality cattle growth implants and products they can safely rely on. Shop Ralgro cattle implants and more at NRS. Have a question about our selection of growth implants or which product is right for your cattle? Reach out today — we're here to help!

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