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Ralgro Implant Gun

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  • Merck Animal Health
  • Ralgro Implant applicator gun
  • Designed with a small needle to reduce tissue trauma
  • Includes 6 needles
  • IMC02

Ralogun Ralgro Pellet Injector is the exclusive applicator gun for Ralgro Implants. Designed with a small needle for reduced tissue trauma and greater retention. Always use a sharp needle. As needles become dull, they may tear tissue and make proper implanting difficult. Be sure that needle is fully seated in Ralgro Gun. This ensures that pellets will be expelled from the needle as the gun’s plunger is extended. Failure to set the needle could cause the last pellet to be left in the needle and not implanted. After implanting, wipe the needle with cotton or gauze moistened with alcohol or other suitable disinfectant. Do not dip needle in solution or needle may become plugged. Replace needle when dull. Ralgro Gun comes with 6 needles.