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  • In the Spotlight: NRS Ride Ready Ambassador Tucker Brown
In the Spotlight: NRS Ride Ready Ambassador Tucker Brown

In the Spotlight: NRS Ride Ready Ambassador Tucker Brown

The R. A. Brown Ranch has been a family business since 1895. Through faith, family, hard work and dedication, the ranch has been passed from generation to generation. It continues to be a leader in raising quality quarter horses and registered commercial cattle.

Family Ties Past, Present & Future

The Brown family has operated on "keeping the ranch in the family and the family in the ranch." With the rich history that has come before them, the family honors the sacrifice from generations prior and strives to continue the legacy for generations to come.

Tucker Brown is Ride Ready

Returning Home to a Ranching Heritage

Tucker Brown grew up on the family ranch. Soon after college, he realized he needed to return to Throckmorton, Texas, to continue the ranch legacy. Tucker currently oversees cow herd operations, pasture rotations and marketing for the brand.

"The goal that we've talked about is making it to the next generation and how the decisions we make now are going to affect that," said Brown. "It has definitely changed since Rayley (daughter) has come into the picture because it helps me think forward."

The Gifts of Hard-Earned Lessons

Teamwork is at the core of the R. A. Brown Ranch. Previous trials and successes are instrumental to the operational decisions on the ranch. Because of the drought and freeze in the 1950s, Tucker and his brother, Lanham Brown, have been able to use lessons from their grandad and father to help them through similar circumstances they face today.

"Working with family has its challenges. It takes a lot of love, a lot of faith, and a lot of prayer," said Brown. "The good thing is we know when we need help. Getting our minds outside our family to the experts – we love when those people help us."

Tucker Brown
Ride Ready

Boots as Tough as Ranching

From being in the saddle to walking on the ranch to running the day-to-day operations, the ranch lifestyle requires cowboy boots that can outlast and withstand any situation.

"Being on the ranch is hard on boots, especially if it is wet outside – that's really rough. Ride Ready boots have been the ones to last for me. I don't have any holes near the toe or on the bottom, which has typically been my biggest problem. Ride Ready has alleviated that issue," said Brown.

Rugged Construction

The Ride Ready boot has a neoprene midsole for added support and stability in the stirrup and increased integrity of the leather outsole. All Ride Ready boots have a spur rest covered with a plastic spur rand, creating an optimal platform for the spur.

A Tradition of Strength Continues Strong

The relationships, family name and legacy will live on for future generations.

"I think the thing that keeps me going is I love it. The passion for the ranching industry and what has been built brought me back to the ranch and gets me up every day," said Brown. "Knowing that it is in my family and the history and stories of the things that they went through. For me to not put effort into it would go against how I was raised."

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