Zoetis Quest Gel Equine Dewormer

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  • Ideal deworming choice for spring when encysted small strongyles (strongyles in the larval stage) typically emerge
  • Treats and controls the following  in a single dose:
    • Encysted small strongyles
    • Bots
    • Roundworms
    • Large strongyles
    • Small strongyles
    • Pinworms
    • Hairworms
    • Stomach worms
  • Proven safe for use in a variety of horses
  • Treats encysted small strongyles in breeding mares and stallions
  • Do not use in foals less than 6 months of age
  • 2200

When should I use QUEST® or QUEST® PLUS Gel?

SPRING — QUEST® (moxidectin) is an ideal dewormer for spring when encysted small strongyles (strongyles in the larval stage) typically emerge. QUEST effectively treats and controls encysted small strongyles in a single dose. In a recent study, QUEST was also nearly twice as effective in reducing egg counts as a five dose treatment of fenbendazole.

Compare that with fenbendazole – marketed as Panacur® Powerpac or Safe-Guard® Power-Dose® – which requires a double dose every day for five days and still doesn’t treat bots. A recent study showed moxidectin, the active ingredient in QUEST PLUS, reduced fecal egg counts by 99.9% compared with fenbendazole, which was only 42% effective.

When parasites are overexposed to certain treatments, they can become resistant, leaving fewer treatment options. Small strongyles have been shown to have widespread resistance to fenbendazole, one of the oldest products on the market. Moxidectin, the active ingredient in QUEST and QUEST PLUS, is one of the newest active ingredients and continues to show superior efficacy.

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