Zero Egg Count Single Horse Parasite Test Kit


Style #: EFECT-S1

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  • Can be used on all horses regardless of age or breed
  • Each kit contains all of the materials needed to test a single horse
  • Simple to use
  • Targeted, customized deworming program addresses your horse's specific needs
  • EFECT-S1

Zero Egg Count Equine Parasite Test Kits provide vital information about a horse’s worm burden and the effectiveness of an owner’s deworming program. Each mail-in fecal egg count test kit includes everything a horse owner needs to collect and safely ship a horse’s fecal sample to the Zero Egg Count laboratory for a thorough and accurate analysis of the parasites lurking inside a horse. 

Each kit includes:

• 1 transparent, leakproof, resealable specimen bag. Our specimen bag is designed to collect and preserve a horse’s fecal sample using the same bag, saving time and waste while protecting your hands from fecal matter. Our bag’s collapsible design also allows you to remove excess air from the bag to maintain the sample’s integrity during shipping.

• 1 reusable, food-safe, refrigerant coolant pack. Our coolant pack keeps a sample cool during shipping to prevent hatching. The pack’s gel ingredients are non-toxic and FDA compliant.

• 1 insulated pre-addressed shipping envelope. Our durable cool shield thermal bubble mailer protects its contents from extreme temperatures and rough handling during shipping. The mailer’s self-seal adhesive strips ensure the sample stays locked inside during shipping.

• 1 Equine Parasite Collection and Treatment Form The form is used to record the sender’s contact information and gather pertinent background about their horse. The form can also be used to record the treatment date and deworming product used after receiving the test results.

• 1 Detailed easy to follow, step-by-step Sample Collection and Shipping Instructions Sheet. The Sample and Collection Sheet includes step-by-step instructions on how to collect and ship your horse's manure sample to our laboratory

A client’s testing results are shared via email or US mail within 48 hours of the sample’s receipt. Each test result identifies the type and number of parasites detected and classifies each horse into a HIGH, MODERATE, or LOW shedder category. This information allows a client to make informed decisions about their horse’s deworming protocols.

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