XpertEquine Restoration Equine Mask Right Patch

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  • XpertEquine
  • Restoration Equine Mask ("REM Mask")
  • Patch Over Right Eye w/Blue Light Blocking on Left Eye
  • Aids Horses with Eye Injuries
  • Facilitates the Melatonin Rise Needed for Rest/Recovery
  • Use on Horses Stalled Indoors Where Lights Stay On
  • Eases Travel Anxiety

   The newest cutting edge technology is featured in the Restoration Equine Mask (REM Mask) by ExpertEquine. Using blue light blocking technology to promote natural production of melatonin for a more restful night of sleep while being exposed to artificial light, the REM Mask ensures your horse gets a good night's sleep even with the lights on. This facilitates the melatonin rise needed for sleep and recovery, improving overall performance. Developed and tested by veterinarians. The right eye patch aids horses with eye injuries to that eye.