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XpertEquine Restoration Equine Mask

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  • Xpert Equine
  • Restoration Equine Mask ("REM Mask")
  • Double Eye Mask
  • Facilitates the Melatonin Rise Needed for Rest/Recovery
  • Use on Horses Stalled Indoors Where Lights Stay On
  • Aids Horses with Eye Injuries
  • Eases Travel Anxiety
  • REM

 The newest cutting edge technology is featured in the Restoration Equine Mask (REM Mask) by ExpertEquine. Using blue light blocking technology to promote natural production of melatonin for a more restful night of sleep while being exposed to artificial light, the REM Mask ensures your horse gets a good night's sleep even with the lights on. This facilitates the melatonin rise needed for sleep and recovery, improving overall performance. Developed and tested by veterinarians.