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Weaver Prodigy Athletic Boots -Size Large

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Style #: 35-4287

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  • Dynamic Sling System
  • Superior Support
  • Shock-Absorption to help prevent injuries
  • Set of 2
  • Variety of Colors
  • 12" Fetlock Circumference
  • 11" Boot Height
  • 35-4287


High performance athletic boots are engineered with a Dynamic Sling System that provides superior support and protection to the suspensory tendons and ligaments.  Built from the finest materials for maximum shock-absorption to help prevent injuries and extend competitive careers.  Set or 2.  Variety of Colors.  12" Fetlock Circumference, 11" boot height.

Handcrafted by skilled craftspeople in Mt. Hope, Ohio, many of Weaver Leather's products feature only the finest materials, skilled American workmanship and finishing touches for years of dependable performance.