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Weaver Leather Deluxe Adjustable Goat/Sheep Muzzle Purple

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Style #: 65-2349-PU

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  • Made of heavy-duty Cordura material and vinyl coated mesh
  • Helps keep sheep from eating bedding, biting other animals and wool picking
  • Provides breathability and access to water
  • The nylon crown strap with adjustable slide
  • Improved rounded cone shape provide the perfect fit
  • Cloth binding protects the edges and provides a finished look
  • Purple
  • 65-2349-PU

Made of heavy-duty Cordura material and vinyl coated mesh, thismuzzle helps keep sheep from eating bedding, biting other animals andwool picking while also providing breathability and access to water.The nylon crown strap with adjustable slide and the improved roundedcone shape provide the perfect fit. Cloth binding protects the edgesand provides a finished look. This muzzle is a perfect match with ourCordura Sheep Blankets. Made by Weaver.

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