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Weaver CoolAid® Equine Icing and Cooling Hock Wraps

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Style #: 36910

  • Weaver Leather
  • Hock Wraps
  • CoolAid® Technology
  • Uses Icing and Cooling Therapies
  • Reduces Inflammation and Alleviates Pain
  • 30+ UPF Protection
  • 36910

 These equine hock wraps are designed with two attachable straps that pull to the outside of the leg, providing compression while giving your horse freedom of movement during icing or cooling. The wraps allow for compression while reducing inflammation, dissipating heat and helping to alleviate pain. 

 Weaver's new CoolAid® products offer your horse the ultimate cooling action with patented Coolcore material. This award-winning, chemical-free cooling fabric offers the ultimate combination of wicking, moisture transportation and regulated evaporation that keeps the material 30% cooler than the surface temperature. This 100% machine-washable fabric works to move sweat away from the body while accelerating drying and providing a consistent cooling effect. Since Coolcore is chemical-free, the cooling performance of these products will never wash out or deteriorate over time.