Wahl X-Block Cattle Fitting Clipper

Wahl X-Block Cattle Fitting Clipper

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  • No slip rubber grip provides total control 
  • Slim and lightweight at 11 oz. for easy movement 
  • 2 powerful speeds: 3,700 & 4,500 SPM 
  • 18 ft extra long rubberized cord for flexibility and durability 
  • Rubber power supply protection
  • 9597

Product Overview

Wahl's X-Block® high speed clipper has been specifically engineered for fitting beef cattle.

The X-Block’s slim, ultra-lightweight body style is easy to maneuver in any position, making clipping comfortable at any angle. The no-slip rubber along the sides and top of the clipper give fitters a stable and reliable grip. With a top speed of 4,500 strokes per minute, the X-Block clipper is one of the fastest clippers available in the cattle market, allowing users to clip quickly and efficiently.

Clipping in barns gets messy quickly. The X-Block clipper comes equipped with an extra long 18 ft rubberized cord and rubber transformer boot to keep the power supply clean and protected.

Includes an X-Block Ultimate Competition Blade set.

Product Application

• Fitting beef cattle

• Clipping through product such as oil or glue

• Clipping the tail, legs, neck, face, and body

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