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Vita Flex E-5000 4lb

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  • Vita Flex 
  • Premium quality Vitamin E
  • Excellent antioxidant for all classes and ages of horses
  • Delivers 5,000 IU per 1 ounce
  • Blended powder with yeast culture and alfalfa meal for excellent palatability
  • Formulated for maximum shelf life and reliabel potency
  • 128 day supply 
  • 4lb
  • 028866

Vita Flex E-5000 is a highly concentrated source of vitamin E for optimum equine health. It is an excellent way to help provide antioxidant protection for all ages and classes of horses. Daily feeding levels can be easily adjusted to meet your horse's individual needs. This product is formulated for maximum stability and shelf life. As with any food product, please reseal to maintain freshness.

Enclosed scoop holds 1/2 ounce.Feed 1 level scoop daily, or as directed by your veterinarian. Severely stressed horses may benefit from additional amounts.Keep cool and dry. Reseal after each use.