Vet Gun CO2 25gm 6 Pack

Vet Gun CO2 25gm 6 Pack

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  • One time use canister
  • 25gm canister will shoot 20-25 shots
  • 606

  25 gram CO2 cartridges are the power source for the VetGun system. Each 25 gram CO2 canister can disperse 20-25 rounds with the VetGun. Specific 25 gram adapters required for use. 

 VetGun™ is the proven delivery platform for effective horn fly control when and where you need it — with minimal labor, handling or stress.

Simple to operate, accurate and reliable, VetGun works from a distance of 15 to 30 feet to safely deliver a precise, consistent dose of a topical insecticide. Each product offers a unique mode-of-action to fit perfectly with your insecticide resistance program.

The VetGun is the only approved delivery system for the AiM-L™ and AiM-A Abamectin™ VetCaps. Designed and manufactured with the highest standards and materials, VetGun is supported by an exceptional service warranty.