U-7 Powder

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  • Easy to feed blend that helps promote a health digestive system
  • Supports the foregut and hindgut
  • Natural active ingredients
  • Also available in 64oz and 1 gallon liquid
  • 3.2lb powder
  • 029108

U-7 is an easy-to-feed Vitamin/Herbal blend that helps promote a healthy equine digestive system including the foregut and hindgut. On the market for over 20 years with over 20 million servings and NO known side effects.  Highly-palatable U-7 Gastric Aid contains natural active ingredients that promote a healthy digestive tract. It helps eliminate undigested grains, maintain proper weight, reduce runny manure, increase coat quality, get rid of cinchy behavior, maintain a calm stomach and essentially keep your horse performing at its best!