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Tyler Magnus Series Ported Link Bit

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Style #: 611T04

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  • Tyler Magnus Series Ported Link Bit 
  • Level: Three
  • Finish: Antique 
  • MP: 5-1/2" ported link with 3 copper rings 
  • CP: 8' shank with floral trim and copper dots 
  • Comes with braided rope slobber bar 
  • Quick snap curb chain
  • 611T04

The New Tyler Magnus Series of Bits is what every team roper will want to have in their arsenal. With the low profile floral design and an antique finish, this bit has a lot of great features. There is four moving parts to this bit, both shanks move as well as the port moves where it is linked together. This gives the rider the ability to apply pressure the specific spot while putting less pressure at another. Another great tool is the cooper rings on the port. Copper Rings promote salivation in the mouth, enhancing the taste of the bit to a horse as well as a horse that is nervous can roll this rings in its mouth for relief