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Tyler Magnus Series Chain Bit

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Style #: 611T03

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  • Tyler Magnus Series Chain Bit 
  • Level: Three 
  • Finish: Antique 
  • MP: 5-1/4" full chain with rubber keepers 
  • CP: 8' shank with floral trim and copper dots 
  • Comes with braided rope slobber bar
  • Quick snap curb chain
  • 611T03

The New Tyler Magnus Series of Bits is what every team roper will want to have in their arsenal.With the low profile floral design and an antique finish, this bit lays nicely over the tongue and bars for leverage or "hold" pressure on the bit. The 8" cheeks give great balance to the bit and gives you leverage to your horse's chin and poll. This is a great everyday bit for roping or riding.