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Ty Tuff Goat Tying Dummy

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  • Ty Tuff
  • Goat Tying Dummy
  • 8 lbs.
  • 22" tall
  • Lifelike Legs
  • Perfects Your Tie

Ty Tuff "Ride hard Ty Tuff"

For goat tyers, there is no better practice tool than the TY TUFF goat tying dummy. This remarkable 8 lb. teaching aid was designed by nationally-recognized instructor Deb Gunderson to help her students practice and understand the basics of goat tying. It is a durable, full size dummy with flexible, lifelike legs -- making it the perfect simulation of a real goat. The TY TUFF goat tying dummy will: help you learn and understand the basics quickly and easily, allow you to improve your technique and consistency without struggling against the weight, resistance and agility of a live goat,  help you perfect a faster, more accurate tie. This dummy can easily be packed in the saddle compartment of your trailer.

Deb Gunderson, with 30+ years of goat tying instructing experience, has teamed up with 2X CNFR National Goat Tying Champion, Kayla Nelson. Together, they offer years of coaching and competition experience to those who want to take their competition to the next level. Their clinics focus on the fundamentals of goat tying, horsemanship, dismounting and mental toughness. They also emphasize the importance of quality practice, essential tack equipment and goal setting.
The clinics are designed to help students improve their basics and take them from competitors to champions.

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