NRS Twisted Wire Argentine Snaffle Bit

by NRS
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Style #: AS-011

  • Twisted Wire
  • Short Shanks
  • 5 1/2" Cheeks
  • Engraved Silver Bars
  • Silver Spots Down Cheek
  • AS-011

This Twisted Wire NRS Argentine Snaffle Bit is a great transition bit for young horses out of a snaffle or horses that need little control.  Argentine style short shank snaffle has 5-1/2" cheeks overlaid with engraved silver bars. Silver spots down each cheek.

This category of direct pressure bits provides great tools for starting young horses or going back with older, more trained horses to fix problems or just to give them a break from a bigger, leverage bit. The reins and headstall attached in the same ring results in the direct pressure. The amount of pressure that the rider applies on the reins is the same amount that the horse feels in his mouth. The broken mouthpiece allows the rider to use each rein independently. The mouthpiece and the size of the rings selected will change the severity dramatically. The larger the rings, the more leverage the rider will have. The thinner and more textured (twisted, wrapped) the mouthpiece, the more bite it will have in the horse’s mouth. This will provide more response, but can also scare or hurt the horse if not used properly. A bit hobble or curb strap is recommended with all snaffles to help tether or stabilize the snaffle rings from one side to the other. This will help prevent the bit from being pulled through the horse’s mouth and will also help with the off side pressure feel. A properly adjusted caveson noseband under the bridle is also recommended to help prevent the horse from gaping his mouth open when first learning to yield to bit pressure.