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NRS Tuf Kaf Trainer

by NRS

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SS Roping "Practice To Win"

Tuf Kaf Trainer is an Elite Tie-Down Roping Training System that represents a very realistic replica of a live calf that will greatly improve and speed up the calf-roping ability of a person practicing for rodeo competition. Tough and durable, solid flexi-foam rubber, realistic moves, great rope actions and life size. This realistic calf emulates a life size calf and will get your horse to rate while you’re in perfect position to rope, deliver, pitch your slack and allow the calf to stop and pop off the sled.

SS Roping was created by brothers Colter and Casey Sellers. "We have expanded our horizons with adding Tie-Down Roping to our rodeo careers. With that, we quickly realized that we really needed a more realistic calf roping dummy to practice year round. That lead us to our new invention, a patent pending new Tie-Down Roping Training Device. We really needed a calf roping dummy to practice with in the cold winters of Wyoming. We figured if we wanted something more realistic, there were others that might need this as well. After we designed, patented it, we found a manufacturer and began implementing our dream. We've turned our passion for the sport of Rodeo into a business that continues to provide QUALITY Roping Accessories for other horse and roping enthusiasts. With your continued support, we, at SS Roping, will continue to create and sell new products that will help improve your roping skills or passion for team-roping, calf roping, or break-away roping." --Colter and Casey Sellers

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  • SS Roping
  • Tuf Kaf Trainer
  • Calf Roping Dummy
  • Tough/Durable Exclusive Flexi-Foam Rubber
  • Over Emphazixed For Stronger Practice
  • Heavier Weight For Training Horses (95lbs)
  • Larger Calf Size 250-260 Live Calf Weight
  • Bending Knee Joints
  • Newly Designed Sled, No Foot Tray or Chest Tube
  • Great Rope Action
  • Patented
  • SS-TUF