Total Wellness 4kg

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Style #: TTLWELL4

  • KER
  • Supports overall health while maintaining a simplified feeding program
  • Avoid use of numerous separate products
  • Increase forage and nutrient digestibility 
  • Protect cells from oxidative damage
  • Promote Joint Health
  • Support optimal hoof, skin and coat quality
  • 4kg

Previously only available as part of the KER Wellness Program after completion of a ration evaluation, Total Wellness™ is now available to anyone seeking to support their horses’ overall health while maintaining a more simplified feeding program that avoids use of numerous separate products.

Over 30 years, Kentucky Equine Research has completed thousands of equine ration evaluations and provided advice to horse owners worldwide on how to best nourish their horses, reduce health problems from modern management practices, and address specific problems.

Based on this experience, the experts at Kentucky Equine Research developed this combination to provide targeted nutritional support for the most commonly identified challenges.