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Total Topline

by Ramard
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  • Ramard
  • Formulated to build and maintain muscle tissue and performance
  • Beneficial for young horse development
  • Increase and maintaince of muscle during recovery and rehabilitation
  • Just 1 scoop per day with no loading necessary
  • 2lb / 30 day supply
  • 079218

A horse’s topline are muscles that support the spine, from the neck to the hindquarters and play an important role in a horse’s performance, appearance and attitude. Poor topline is usually blamed on exercise, saddle fit, genetics and age related decline. Key nutrients play the most critical role, and is often overlooked as a solution to build and maintain healthy muscle condition and topline. It is proven that a healthy topline is key to fewer injuries. Exercise will condition the muscles that are present, but work by itself does not build or maintain muscle. To repair, build and recover topline muscles, a balanced and targetedamino acid profile and specifically high quality proteinsalong with vitamins and minerals must be present. Amino acids are building blocks of proteins which form muscles giving your horse the power to perform. Total Topline is your solution to quickly build and maintain healthy muscle tissue and top line during training, recovery, young horse development or rehabilitation. Total Topliine is solely formulated to build and maintain muscle tissue and performance.