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Tommy Blessing 8 Inch Ported Correction Ring Bit

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Style #: NRSTB10

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  • Tommy Blessing
  • Ported Correction Bit with Rings
  • Extra Weight
  • Longer Purchase Length
  • 8in
  • Copper Rings
  • NRSTB10

This Tommy Blessing bit is an awesome and effective correction bit. It's functionality is matched by it's style! Constructed of antiqued and stainless steel, this is a heavy bit. The longer purchase length helps your horse to break over at the poll for more collection. Each copper ring is weighted individually and smoothed to provide comfort and facilitate salivation that will encourage positive responses to corrective actions. The large port gives your horses tongue more room so that this bit is useable in the box. There is a chain curb strap and a chain shank hobble to add even more weight and keep your bit effective.