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The Smarty Roping Dummy

by Smarty
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    • NEW Extended Tow Bar (Click over to the Video tab for more information.)
    • Available in Green or Black
    • Steer and Sled
    • Roping Dummy and Machine
    • Helps Put Horse in Correct Position
    • Realistic Dallying
    • Mimics Jerk
    • Easy to Pull
    • Removable Body
    • Turn Loose Horns
    • Legs Become Saw Horse
    • Shipping Weight: 220 lbs on a pallet / 175 lbs off
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    • AB-STS3

    The all-new Smarty is realistic, versatile, and engaging. When Allen Bach started designing Smarty, his goal was to build a machine that would produce results in his own practice program, as well as in his schools. Because he’s been designing roping machines for more than twenty years, he knew exactly how to go about it.

    Realistic corner for heelers – This was Allen’s main focus in building Smarty. Riding your horse in the correct position is vital to increasing your odds of catching. If you use a machine that cuts the corner when it turns, it forces you to compensate by adjusting your position. Now, with Smarty, you can ride in the same position as you would in a live run.

    Realistic dallying – Smarty’s legs come together and pull back like a real steer. The combination of the expanding hitch and legs mimic the jerk you get in a live run.

    Realistic legs – Smarty’s legs are solid and not made out of plastic. Because of this, when your rope hits the legs, they feel and sound authentic.

    Easy to pull – Smarty rides on wide skis and is light-weight so that your ATV doesn’t take the wear and tear you would get with heavier machines.

    Easy to break down – Have you ever wanted to take your machine apart and take it with you? Now you can. Just pull a few pins and you can load it in your truck or trailer by yourself.