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Tail Tamer by Professional's Choice Slick Bands

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    • New elastic material eliminates tangles, pulling and broken ends
    • Choice of salon pros now available for your horse!
    • Handy resealable bag of 400 bands
    • Unlike rubber bands, which break down with age and sunlight
    • Slick Bands won’t dry out
    • Every band is usable this year and next!
    • They won’t dry out your mouth and taste bad when you are banding!
    • Neon, Multi, Clear
    • SBND

    Professional’s Choice, the leader in equine sports medicine, announces the official
    acquisition of Tail Tamer®. The entire Tail Tamer® product line will now become part of
    the Professional’s Choice family as they expand into the groomingcategory. Tail Tamer’s product philosophy is based on a successfulhistory of producing quality grooming products backed by people who knowanimals, which makes Professional’s Choice a natural fit. From thebackyard, show ring to trail, whatever your animal needs may be, makeTail Tamer® by Professional’s Choice products your first choice forquality animal products!