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Synovex S Implants 10 Count

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  • Zoetis
  • SYNOVEX® S is approved for increased rate of weight gain and improved feed efficiency in stocker and feedlot steers weighing more than 400 lb.
  • For additional improvement in rate of weight gain in steers fed in confinement for slaughter, re-implant at approximately 70 days.
  • Contains 200 mg of progesterone and 20 mg of estradiol benzoate
  • A flexible and convenient implant
  • A formulation tailored to stocker and feedlot steers
  • 10014340-10

Administering SYNOVEX® S to stocker or feedlot steers can help boost gain, enhance feed efficiency and deliver exceptional return on investment. Steers implanted with SYNOVEX S:


·         Gained an additional 25 pounds on pasture over nonimplanted animals1

·         Delivered a 20:1 return on investment under most cattle pricing situations*,2

·         Works as a growth-promoting implant for stocker and feedlot steers

·         Administered with the SX10 Precision Applicator — like all SYNOVEX® implants — featuring an exclusive retractable needle for consistent, accurate placement

·         Can be stored at room temperature until the package is opened

All SYNOVEX formulations are compatible with both the SX10 Precision Applicator and metal Revolver applicators.

One implant (eight pellets) is administered to each steer by subcutaneous implantation in the middle one third of the ear.

Do not use in veal calves.