Synovex C Implants 100 Count

Synovex C Implants 100 Count

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  • Zoetis
  • SYNOVEX® C is approved for increased rate of weight gain in suckling steer or heifer calves (including potential replacement heifers*) 45 days or older, up to 400 lb.
  • SYNOVEX C can be used as an initial implant
  • Contains 100 mg of progesterone and 10 mg of estradiol benzoate
  • Flexible and convenient implant
  • Formulation tailored to suckling calves
  • 10003897

For suckling steers and heifers, SYNOVEX® C can help pack on pounds before weaning while delivering a strong return on investment.

Calves implanted with SYNOVEX C:

  • Weaned an average of 19 pounds heavier than nonimplanted calves1
  • Delivered a 20:1 return on investment under most cattle pricing situations*,2 ·Approved for use in a feedlot re-implant program with SYNOVEX S after 70 days
  • Works as a growth-promoting implant for cow/calf operations
  • Administered with the fixed-needle SYNOVEX® Revolver featuring a calf adapter to shorten needle penetration†
  • Can be stored at room temperature until the package is opened Part of a broad portfolio of implants for every production stage

One implant (four pellets) is administered to each calf by subcutaneous implantation in the middle third of the ear.

Do not use in veal calves.