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SynOsteon Healthy Bone

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    • SynNutra
    • Supports healthy bone development and repair in training horses
    • Fracture healing
    • Healthy tendons and ligaments
    • Rich source of calcium and magnesium
    • 30 day supply

    Healthy bone requires a collagen matrix for flexibility as well as a support medium for calcium and phosphorus deposition. SynOsteonTM is formulated to support the development of a healthy frame for healthy bone.Nutrients such as choline, inositol and silicon are key in building and maintaining collagen, while menaquinone (vitamin K2) and β-glucans stimulate calcium deposition in bone. Vitamin D is necessary for nutritional calcium absorption. Icariins from Herba epimedii (epimedium) limit osteoclastic bone resorption and promote osteoblast activity. SynOsteon is also a rich source of calcium and magnesium.