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SynChill Gel

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    • SynNutra
    • Natural horse calming supplement
    • Provides maximum disposition support for your equine athlete
    • Reduce stress and anxiety prior to stressful events
    • Blend of vitamins and melatonin, effective in reducing anxiety
    • Single dose tube
    • SYNCHLP1

    Developed by an equine veterinarian, SynChill is an all-natural feed supplement, formulated to calm nervous horses. 

    SynChill allows horses to both focus and perform confidently and securely; with the complete mental clarity and physical ability that sedatives and tranquilizers simply cannot offer.

     Initially tested in young Thoroughbred race horses, SynChill contains a totally unique blend of natural biochemical substances that repeatedly prove effective in reducing anxiety and calming horses even in the fast-paced environment of the race track. These calm horses can focus and perform at the highest level.