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Sweet PDZ Granulated 40lb

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Style #: 05-4806-1140

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  • Granular
  • Removes ammonia from the air
  • Unscented
  • Dries as it deodorizes
  • More effective than lime
  • Gentle & easy to use
  • 40lbs.
  • 05-4806-1140

Granular Sweet PDZ works well for those using stall mats in their barns, and some find it reduces dust in the barn as well.  Sweet PDZ removes  ammonia and odor by capturing and neutralizing them through its natural chemistry.   Sweet PDZ is gentle and safe to use, neutralizing odors with its unique mineral composition; it does not cause dry or cracked hooves in animals, nor does it sting the eyes.  The granular form is also good for application to cat boxes, small animal habitats, bird cages, and dog runs.